Michigan Staffing  understands the importance of  developing a strong relationship with the potential candidates from the initial contact onward. Our divisions are compromised of teams that are specialized in selecting highly qualified candidates for their industries. When an order is placed, sales and recruiting managers connect to strategize on what types of candidates will be the best fit for the company and its requirements. The recruiting manager will then work closely with the assistant recruiter, operations support and marketing department to connect with previous and new candidates for the positions. The assistant recruiter will conduct a pre-screen to qualify candidates and review their experiences, skill sets and career goals. Upon completion of the pre-screen, individuals are invited to an in-depth, in person interview with the assigned service team. Candidates are further assessed on their hard and soft skills, as well as their in person characteristics and integrity. Our company takes pride in providing our clientele with experienced candidates that posses necessary skill sets to perform at optimal efficiency.

Our Screening and interview process includes:

  • Selective recruiting and candidate sourcing
  • Resume review
  • Pre-screen Phone Interview
  • One-on-one in person behavioral interview
  • Computerized skill assessments
    • With over 1,300 validated assessments we can customize for our clients
  • Social Security verification
  • Background check
  • 5 panel drug screen
  • E-Verify

Our Testing and Assessments

With over 1,300 validated assessments, we are able to offer customized specific skill testing to ensure the talent we are placing with clients are able to be productive in their assignments. Client key performers can be used as benchmarks for incoming candidates for the purposes of a data-driven approach to drive talent management initiatives.