Employer Solutions

Michigan Staffing ’s Sourcing Methodology is built around our company philosophy that we must first fully understand our Client’s hiring needs before we can successfully source for any position. When evaluating our Client’s requests, we take time to learn the company principles, the department(s) culture, skills and aptitude required, as well as the intangible “soft skills” that make the difference and the ideal candidate profile

A key component in defining Michigan Staffing as a successful employment agency is that our candidate pool is comprised of eligible individuals that qualify for the positions based on the clients’ specifications. Our service team members have identified and established candidate pools based on the industries they service. Once a client submits their specifications for a position, our service team is able to further customize a condensed candidate group based on provided descriptions. Our company ensures that every candidate pool is tailored to fulfill client requests to streamline and expedite the hiring.

Michigan Staffing specializes in individually selecting, screening and qualifying each candidate for every assignment based on experience, hard and soft skills, personal characteristics and company culture. Recruiters secure and submit candidates that are in line with the clients company vision and requirements, and that will represent the organization image. To establish the ideal candidate profile, our sales and service team members:

  • Meet with client leadership and front line supervision
  • Walk through to learn about the work environment
  • Conduct a job shadowing of positions

Our companies are diverse in their abilities, staff and processes with success in fulfilling any type of employment request. We are equipped to provide the following staffing services:

  • Master Vendor
  • Single source staffing
  • On-site management
    • Single or multiple locations
  • Large volume employment requests
  • Temporary
  • Contract to hire
  • Direct placement