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Michigan Staffing is a premier recruitment, staffing, and placement firm that has provided a wide range of human resources, staffing and related services for over 25 years through personalized, professional care.

As a certified woman-owned Michigan based Staffing Company, Michigan Staffing utilizes processes for screening, assessing and evaluating candidates to ensure top notch client and employee satisfaction.

From single employee placement to full scale workforce development, Michigan Staffing is equipped to meet any and all client requests for complete and personalized staffing services.

To ease your quest in finding a great fit, consider working with a firm that treats every candidate with respect, importance, and value. Companies that are focused on “temps” or “staffing” or “placement” can be great partners for your business when they truly care about the person at the center of the transaction.

In a world of constant change, you are challenged to adapt to shifts in technology, the economy, and business requirements. You need partners who think as much as they act. The right partner will be with you for the long term.

That right partner can also handle additional recruitment tasks such as administrative, workers compensation, and training, thus reducing risk to your business, increasing returns, and adding value. Partner with Michigan Staffing.

I know I keep telling you how happy we are with you and the temps. that have come over, but yet again I’m talking to the owner today who tells me that a temp. showed up yesterday and was so well put together, very professional, nicely dressed etc. The difference in temps is indescribable. We’ve completely changed our hiring process and expectations of who we hire now.


Human Resources/Office Manager

I wanted to send you a quick email on Muna. I want you to know that it really is a blessing having Muna here on-site. She really is one of the most helpful people I have ever worked with. She is very receptive to learning new things and taking on new tasks. I know our account is very very difficult to staff and keep staffed and it can be exhausting most times. She handles people well and very organized and to the T on the onboarding process and explaining expectations to people. I thoroughly enjoy having her here on-site.


Operational Human Resource Generalist

Michigan Staffing has been a fantastic partner for us. They setup over eight interviews within 36 hours, six of whom were hired, and several of whom were converted to Full-Time permanent members of the team. Additionally, they have always been quick to respond if ever needed. If you are looking for a strong Staffing Partner that cares and delivers, I recommend the Team at Michigan Staffing.


 Senior Vice President

We have worked with Michigan Staffing for several years now. They have not only been a pleasure to work with but are very responsive with the needs of our recruiting efforts. As a call center there are many times that we will have last minute needs to fill positions. The recruiters at Michigan Staffing have always been very diligent on working within the requirements of the multiple positions and finding highly qualified candidates to fill them. I would highly recommend them as a staffing firm that will be an asset and a partner in filling the needs of entry level up to and including management positions.


Human Resource Manager

“I want to thank Michigan Staffing for the overall excellence of services they have provided over the past three years. The staff is always ready to help us meet our recruitment needs. They are quick to respond and deliver time and time again. I value our partnership and look forward to continued success!


Human Resources Director

We Build the Bridge between Talent and Opportunity.

Our mission is to improve futures for clients and employees by elevating our investment in people.