About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Michigan Staffing significantly stands apart from other staffing firms thanks to 27 years of successful recruiting expertise and partnership with thousands of employees. Our brand recognition, credibility and strong history of sourcing in Metropolitan Detroit allows our Company to excel in the staffing industry. A key component to our success is the creation of a customized client recruiting plan that’s tailored for every request. Service team members combine qualified candidate database searches with new, targeted and organic recruitment efforts to ensure top-notch candidates. Our team takes pride in possessing the ability to individually create and customize candidate searches specifically for each client requirement to generate refined, quality submittals for client review.

Why We’re Different

Michigan Staffing LLC focuses on client and employee relationships, success and satisfaction. We believe that connecting the right candidate with each position is essential to client and employee relationships. Our service team is trained on developing responsive communication with each employee and employer to continue to provide satisfying employment solutions. Thanks to our extensive database of available candidates, we are able to quickly and professional fill any employment needs.

Michigan Staffing, Personnel Unlimited Squared and Aspen Search Group each provide specialized staffing solutions for various industries. Michigan Staffing itself focuses on light industrial and general labor staffing requests for any environment from offices, manufacturing plants to light industrial facilities.  Personnel Unlimited Squared is known for their superb administrative and clerical staffing solutions. Our service team has built a database of qualified, pre-screened candidates for any type of employment. Aspen Search Group is dedicated to providing professional or technical employees for clients needs. Aspen specializes in connecting with employers to identify goals, objectives and qualifications to quickly identify and fill staffing needs.

Thanks to our three branches of specialized service, Michigan Staffing LLC has become a premier staffing solutions company. We are equipped to fulfill any and all staffing requests at any time with professional and quality service while being responsive and prioritizing our clients and candidates over everything else.