The “temporary help” industry has been around for 60+ years and, in the beginning, it was a simpler business. Providing temporary office help to businesses was a model that launched a huge industry. Over time, that industry became more complex, and its services more critical to the success of businesses.

Today’s Challenge

Understanding “what’s next” in workforce development and talent management is critical to staffing companies who are committed to providing services that support their clients’ business goals. As recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent becomes more complex and expensive, the need to find talent management experts has grown.

The reason? Staffing requirements have changed greatly for clients, and more job seekers are looking for employment opportunities that are a better fit for their lifestyles. Technology has made it easier to work in ways that were not possible 60 years ago; it has also made the quest for talent more complex. Add to that the complexity of managing temporary assignments, long-term projects, on site management, managed services, as well as the complexity of finding people with niche professional and technical skills.

Hiring managers who have traditionally sought temporary employees to fill short-term assignments are looking for more today. They also need help with direct hire staffing and with identifying and recruiting employees with the specific expertise needed to fill niche functions. Staffing specialists are increasingly expected to work with their clients to find technical and professional employees with expertise and experience in areas such as manufacturing management, quality assurance, engineering, logistics and materials management, human resource management, skilled trades, and executive administrative support.

Hire Smart.

The right staffing partner will help you find the talent that is critical to your organization’s success.

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