On any given week I receive three to five calls from recruitment search firms hoping to make a connection.  The best connection I’ve made in years is with Vicky Young.  

I presented Vicky with my most challenging managerial position. The position had been vacant for 11 months with no success of finding the right candidate on my own, or with other recruitment search firms. 

Vicky is extremely professional, we talked at length about my recruitment needs, recent failures, and our corporate culture.  By the end of our meeting, she was able to formulate a recruitment strategy. Within 24 hours of our first meeting Vicky had a qualified candidate to present to me.  

Her candidate met every qualification I was looking for and is now part of our team.

Vicky made this recruitment search look easy, but I know her success isn’t due to luck, its experience and dedication.

Chris, Director of Human Resources

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