We are in the people business.

We find great people with certain skills and we connect them with people whose businesses need their help. Ours is a business, but often it feels like a mission because we are not selling products; we are making a difference for individuals and, as we like to say it, we are “Bridging People to People.”

This kind of business only works well when we do two things all the time: maintain healthy relationships and personalize the way we support our customers and employees.

Healthy relationships exist when we work to understand the needs of our customers. What keeps them up at night? What problems are they trying to solve? Over the past year, it has been especially important to know how our customers are doing and how Michigan Staffing and Aspen Search Group can impact their success.

The importance of our relationships with the people we recruit, train, coach, and place on assignment cannot be understated. Our recruiters work hard to make sure they know what job seekers need, how well an assignment “fits” given the person’s other life commitments, and how connecting a candidate to the right assignment is a good thing for that person’s career, livelihood, and goals.

Personalized service, to the customer and the job seeker, is a core element in maintaining these healthy relationships.

Every customer situation is different and requires that we act as consultants and problem solvers, not as order takers. Every job seeker is an individual with unique skills and needs. Because we never approach people with generic solutions and rehearsed answers to questions, we enjoy a high level of trust among the people we work with daily.

The bridge that we have built is a strong one when we pay attention to how it is built.

To find out more about working with Michigan Staffing and Aspen Search Group, please contact me directly.


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