A recent article about customer service was featured in the online news site Workshifter. The site focuses on the gig economy, freelancing, the future of work, and what business leaders need to think about in the midst of the changing world of work.

One of the featured articles, from Forbes, talks about the challenges of leadership in the new remote workplace. Many managers are faced with employees who feel disconnected from their place of employment – and from their team. According to the Microsoft Work Trend Index, 41% of those surveyed said they’re mulling leaving their job. Not only is disconnectedness an issue, but add “burnout” to it, and managers are faced with a real challenge. In the same Index, 45% of workers saying they are overworked and 39% are exhausted.

Good companies and their leaders work to find ways to make the remote workday more manageable and show that their employees’ wellbeing is important in the process.

Finding great administrative talent and providing great customer service both depend on finding rare talent: people with great interpersonal, organizational, and technical skills. Attracting and retaining administrative and service professionals is something that sets great companies apart. Michigan Staffing leads in finding the talented people needed for exceptional customer service and administrative support teams.

This is an important thing to consider if your company is using more gig-based talent in areas like sales or customer service. While the economic and logistical drivers to use part-time, freelance, temporary, or remote makes sense to the company bottom line, the need for very high-quality experience in areas like customer service, requires that managers and other leaders work even harder to make sure their customers get excellent service, no matter how they find and employ the front-line people who provide that service.

We recruit, prepare, and retain great talent. 

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you find the right customer service employees, please contact me directly.


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