From Guest Contributor Rom LaPointe, CEO of Capricorn Leadership

A healthy culture sounds like a good thing, but it really matters because cultivating a company culture drives positive business results.

How does today’s hybrid workplace impact culture?

The pandemic, as we all know, made remote work a more common thing. And, while a majority of employees believe they can work remotely, what effect does 100% remote work have on culture? The answer may be in a hybrid approach —  a financially and strategically effective way to cultivate a healthy company culture.

What’s the risk of poor culture?

Much turnover can be tied to culture issues – after all, how many people aspire to work in places that are toxic? Business owners should care – turnover costs the economy a staggering $ 223 billion + dollars annually. The fact that any CEO does not see the business sense of investing in developing a healthy and enjoyable work environment is both perplexing and disappointing.

What Does It Take?

You can establish a good work culture, but it takes work. First, it requires people who are engaged and enthusiastic about their work. While their paychecks will always be important, engaged team members are motivated by more.

And leaders need to also be motivated by, and encourage, more.  For example, marketing investments, normally made to promote services and products, will also focus on building a strong organizational brand and telling the world what it is like to be part of a healthy company’s engaged and motivated team.

Listen to more about a healthy company culture as Rom LaPointe talks with Sean Doyle on the Centricity podcast.

Rom LaPointe, Founder of Capricorn Leadership, taps into his xperience as a CEO and leader, His goal is to help others succeed by guiding them through the challenges of growth.

Capricorn works with organizations of various sizes from many industries, but they have these things in common:

  • They want authentic coaching, facilitation, and guidance from a trusted source
  • They value honest conversation and are seeking true engagement among their teams, partners, and clients
  • They are open to learning more, communicating better, and working toward common goals

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