I was fortunate to speak with NABR CEO Jennifer Kluge recently on the CEO Thought Leadership podcast, which is produced by Corp! Magazine and Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.

We discussed the ongoing battle for talent and my views on what is required to build a thriving life and business.

Some of the highlights of our conversation included:

– The importance of building and maintaining relationships in order to build a successful company.

– To get through the ups and downs that affect any growing company, you have to be resilient – continue to believe in your mission, engage your mindset, and know that your words, your hard work and your commitment to your values will eventually pay off.

– Leading by example is more than a cliché – it is a mindset that calls on leaders to find ways to gain continued strength, and roll up their sleeves so that everyone can see that they are committed at every level within the organization.

– My ideal team members have to come into the organization wanting to make a difference – it is an innate quality of any person we bring onto the team.

– Communicate heavily with your clients. They actually have the answers you need to evolve and provide value. Asking the right questions and finding out how you can problem solve will set you apart.

Full Transcript here

Listen to the Interview here

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