As the UAW and Detroit auto companies make progress and eventually bring workers back to their jobs, I think about the challenges that we as leaders are faced with in keeping employees engaged. Beyond the current strike, there will always be challenges to leadership driven by economic downturns, global crises, or organizational challenges.

Communication: Be transparent, open and honest. During any challenge, keep employees informed about the situation, the company’s response, and any potential impacts on their roles. Address their concerns and questions as openly as possible.

Empathy: Show compassion and understanding toward employees’ concerns and feelings. Recognize their emotions and provide support. Encourage open conversations and be a good listener.

Flexibility: Offer creative work arrangements, such as remote work, adjusted schedules, or compressed workweeks, to accommodate employees’ personal situations during difficult times.

Professional Development: Continue investing in employee development and training. Encourage them to learn new skills or expand their knowledge to enhance job security and future career potential. When budgets don’t allow in house on the job training or cross training is a great option.

Recognition: Acknowledge and appreciate your employees’ efforts, especially when they are working through challenging circumstances. Publicly recognize their achievements and contributions.

Resilience: Promote health-strengthening strategies among employees, such as stress management, time management, and setting realistic expectations

Finally, Lead by Example:  You can set a positive example by demonstrating resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to the well-being of the team. This can inspire and motivate others!

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